Nominal capacities in cooling from 92 to 281 kW and heating from 99 to 293 kW

Nominal capacity cooling 92-281 kW / heating 99-293 kW

Air to air compact units with vertical construction for indoor use only.

Nominal Cooling capacity 21-138 kW and heating capacity 23-148 kW.

Cooling capacity 20-135 kW, heating capacity 20-145 kW, Air flow 4.000-24.000m3/h.

Nominal Cooling capacity 22-90 kW and heating capacity 21-89 kW.

Nominal capacities in cooling operation from 1,5 to 8,7 kW and in heating operation from 1,3 to 11,6 kW

Wide range of chilled water cabinets

Compact unit with double wall construction, PLC control and built-in variable frequency drive

Airflow ranging from 1000 to 66.000 m3/h