Total cooling capacity range is from 0.4 to 4.2 kW and the heating capacity range is 0.5 to 5 kW in the 2-pipe configuration and 0.5 to 4.8 kW with 4 pipes (Eurovent conditions)

Total cooling capacity range from 0.7 kW to 6.98 kW and a heating capacity range from 0.88 kW to 7.63 kW

Nominal capacities in cooling from 92 to 281 kW and heating from 99 to 293 kW

Nominal capacity cooling 92-281 kW / heating 99-293 kW

Air to air compact units with vertical construction for indoor use only.

Nominal Cooling capacity 21-138 kW and heating capacity 23-148 kW.

Cooling capacity 20-135 kW, heating capacity 20-145 kW, Air flow 4.000-24.000m3/h.

Nominal Cooling capacity 22-90 kW and heating capacity 21-89 kW.

Nominal capacities in cooling operation from 1,5 to 8,7 kW and in heating operation from 1,3 to 11,6 kW

Wide range of chilled water cabinets