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16TJ Single-Effect Steam-Fired Absorption Chiller

Nominal cooling capacity from 350 to 2.500 kW

Designed for cooling applications where low-pressure steam is available as waste heat.
Can tie into district steam systems.
Allows diversification of critical cooling requirements.
Critical cooling loads are met with minimal electrical power input with steam-fired chillers.
Allows use of smaller emergency generators since the electrical load associated with an absorption chiller is minimal, compared to an electrically driven chiller.
Ozone-friendly and CFC-free.
Cooling requirements are met without chlorinebased refrigerants.
Minimises global warming effect by greatly reducing power consumption and eliminating the generation of greenhouse gases.
Reduced noise and vibration levels.
The absorption chiller does not use a large motor-compressor, leading to quiet, trouble-free operation.
Small footprint.
The high efficiency associated with these chillers results in a reduction of the required installation space.
Auto-diagnosis system monitors operating conditions, predicts chiller information and maintains stable operation.
Advanced high-precision control system.
Absorption pump with inverter control (option) for energy-saving operation.
High-performance purge system maintains unit performance and minimises maintenance requirements.
State-of-the-art protection devices guarantee enhanced operating safety.

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