50NI Modular Compact Heat Pump

Air to air compact units with vertical construction for indoor use only.

38ZS/ZF Air-Cooled Condensing unit

Nominal Cooling capacity 21-138 kW and heating capacity 23-148 kW.

40ZS/ZF Indoor unit

Cooling capacity 20-135 kW, heating capacity 20-145 kW, Air flow 4.000-24.000m3/h.

50FF/FC 100-280 R-454B Packaged rooftop heat pump

Nominal cooling capacity 96.6 – 272.9 kW
Nominal heating capacity 97.1 – 299.2 kW

50FF/FC Packaged Rooftop Heat Pump

Nominal Cooling capacity 22-90 kW and heating capacity 21-89 kW.

50UC/UP Packaged Rooftop Units

Cooling Capacity 22-215 kW – Heating Capacity 24-229 kW
50/48 UC-(V) / UP-(V) 025-220