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30WG/WGA Water-Cooled/Condenserless Liquid Chiller

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Nominal cooling capacity from 29 to 95 kW

  • Designed for commercial (offices, small hotels, leisure facilities), residaential and industrial applications.
  • All units offer a unique combination of high performance and functionality in an exceptionally compact chassis.
  • The 30WG, also available as a condenserless version (30WGA), is designed for air-conditioning applications with a high ESEER value.
  • As they can produce chilled water down to -12 °C they are also suitable for process applications.
  • A large number of options is available for the whole range:
    • -Hydronic kits with or without variable water flow rate,
      -Reinforced sound insulation,
      -Stacking and connection of two units
      -Low-temperature applications down to -12 °C (30WG only).

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      61AF High Temperature Air-to-Water Heat Pump

      Nominal heating capacity 14 to 20 kW


      Platinum Plus

      • Excellent performance and high technology for unique energy savings!
      • Maximum energy efficiency with SEER up to 10
      • Excellent heating efficiency
      • Intelligent Eye: The unit switches to energy saving mode when no people are detected in the area.
      • Reliable operation from -25 ° C to + 50 ° C
      • Five-layer filtration system: Cold Catalyst pre-filter, Vitamin C, Negative Ion, Ionizer filter
      • “Follow me” function / Wi-Fi Standard

      42N Room Fan Coil Unit

      Nominal capacities in cooling operation from 1,5 to 8,7 kW and in heating operation from 1,3 to 11,6 kW