AquaSnap Greenspeed liquid chillers and heat pumps

The AquaSnap Greenspeed liquid chiller/heat pump range was designed for commercial applications such as the air conditioning of offices, hotels and large residential houses. They can be used with a wide choice of Carrier terminal fan coil units – cassettes, low, medium and high-pressure satellite units, console units, underceiling units and high-wall units. The units integrate the latest technological innovations:

• Non-ozone depleting refrigerant R410A, DC inverter twin-rotary compressors, low-noise variable speed fans and microprocessor control.

• For added flexibility the AquaSnap Greenspeed units are available with or without hydraulic module integrated into the unit chassis.

• With exceptional energy efficiency values the inverter chillers qualify for local tax reductions and incentive plans in all EU countries.

Heating and cooling performances

The combination of inverter component management allows reaching SCOP up to 3.1 and up to 4.56 for ESEER. Able to deliver hot water up to 60°C, 30RBV/RQV is ranked in the medium temperature (47/55°C) and shows an A+ energy label.

Greenspeed technology

Full inverter management for Compressor, fans and expansion valve. In addition, possibility to complete with variable speed circulator as an option, providing the best efficiency potential of the units in terms of heating and cooling performance and sound power levels.

Acoustic performances

Other benefits of Greenspeed technology is the very good sound level at part load. At 20% of capacity, the sound level for 30RBV/RQV17 goes down to 60 dB(A), which means 11 dB(A) less comparing with full load.

Environmental care

Ecodesign is the European Directive that sets mandatory requirements for Energy related Products (ErP) to improve their energy efficiency. Carrier supports initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of its products. 30RBV/RQV models are compliant with regulation 641/2009 requirement from the Ecodesign Directive 2005/32 CE.

Superior reliability

State-of-the-art concept
– Cooperation with specialist laboratories and use of limit simulation tools (finite element calculations) for the design of the critical components, e.g. motor supports, suction/discharge piping etc.

Auto-adaptive control
– Control algorithm prevents excessive compressor cycling and permits reduction of the water quantity in the hydronic circuit (Carrier patent)

Leak-tight refrigerant circuit
– Brazed refrigerant connections for increased leak tightness

– Verification of pressure transducers and temperature sensors without transferring refrigerant charge

Exceptional endurance tests
– Corrosion resistance tests in salt mist in the laboratory
– Accelerated ageing test on components that are submitted to continuous operation: compressor piping, fan supports
– Transport simulation test in the laboratory on a vibrating table


– Low-noise Inverter Twin Rotary compressor with low vibration levels
– Advanced technology providing maximum energy efficiency with high capacity available at peak conditions and optimized efficiency at low and mid compressor speeds
– The AquaSnap Greenspeed heat pump DC inverter uses Intelligent Power Drive Unit (IPDU) hybrid inverter technology. An electronic management logic is used to optimize compressor operation in all conditions, minimized temperature fluctuation to give a perfect individual comfort control with significant reduction of energy consumption.

Hydronic module

The hydronic module reduces the installation time. The unit is factory-equipped with the main hydronic components required for the installation: screen filter, water pump, expansion tank and relief valve. The water heat exchanger and the hydronic module are protected against frost down to -20°C, using an electric resistance heater (standard) and pump cycling. However, the use of MPG (Mono Propylene Glycol) can effectively protect the installation even in case of power failure. The hydronic module is integrated into the unit without increasing its dimensions and saves the space normally used for the water pump.

Following installation configuration, 30RBV/RQV can be equipped with 2 different hydronic modules:

– Hydronic module with variable speed circulator. It provides an available pressure up to 80 KPa in nominal water flow. It permits a lower electrical consumption and gives a better accessibility for maintenance.
– Hydronic module with fixed speed pump. Used in case of need of high pressure available. Able to deliver an available pressure up to 150 kPa at nominal water flow, fixed speed pump is ideal for resistant hydraulic circuit.

With or without expansion tank and water filling system, it is more 9 configuration possible per size.

Easy and fast installation

Integrated hydronic module (option)
– Fixed speed water pump or variable speed circulator
– Water filter protecting the water pump against circulating debris
– High-capacity membrane expansion tank ensures pressurization of the water circuit (option)
– Overpressure valve, set to 3 bar
– Thermal insulation and frost protection down to -20°C, using an electric resistance heater and pump cycling.
– Integrated water fill system to ensure correct water pressure (option)

No additional buffer tank required, simplifying and speeding up the installation process (to be checked with the water volume of installation)

New function integrated in the NHC software

30RBV/RQV is equipped with the new generation of control which integrated many functions in standard. The control constantly monitors all machine parameters and precisely manages the operation of compressor, expansion devices, fans and of the water heat exchanger water pump for optimum energy efficiency.

Master/slave operation

NHC control permits the Master/slave operation up to 4 machines. 2 operating modes are available:

Cascade or simultaneous: An additional sensor delivered in accessory in necessary to operate with this mode. Up to 4 units with same unit type and size can be connected.

Master/ slave with cascade: Master checks the hours operating for each unit and sends the order to run to the first. The unit is runs until 75% (configurable parameter) and if setting point is not reached, the second unit receives an order to run too…and so forth up to the fourth. Otherwise, the master starts at fist following with slaves, in order with the configuration. Master slave in parallel: Master checks the hours operating for each unit and sends the order to run for all units. Units operate together as the same level. With this mode, The SCOP is optimized. Input remote contact: Remote On/Off, Heat/Cool, Economic Operation, Safety Input Contacts.

Large choice of Input Contacts

Several functions can be configured by the installer. They allow to adapt to the environment of the machine like: / Power Limitation / Night Mode / Off Peak Operation / Loadshed Request / Solar Input / DHW Priority / Anti-Legionella Cycle Request / Summer Switch / Energy Meter Input / External Alarm Indication Input In order to provide answers for several applications, the new control integrates many functions in the standard software. Domestic hot water production, master slave operating, occupancy modes are the main examples. To operate with these functions, it just need to add an additional accessory available in spare part list.