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42N Room Fan Coil Unit

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Nominal capacities in cooling operation from 1,5 to 8,7 kW and in heating operation from 1,3 to 11,6 kW

  • Combine aesthetic and attractive design with versatility to satisfy any application need, from large office buildings or hotels to shops and residential applications.
  • This product series is characterised by concentrated, innovative technology, unusual for a fan coil.
  • A product that is easy to select and install.
  • Available with a new-generation three- or five-speed AC motor.
  • The 42N_E series, is available with a variable-speed low energy consumption EC motor.
  • The range now includes eleven sizes, with air flows from 35 to 422 l/s (126 to 1520 m3/h).
  • The Idrofan offers an ultra-low-noise option for applications where a low noise level is the most important selection parameter.
  • The Idrofan is available with two types of fans, a tangential fan for the smallest sizes and a centrifugal fan for all other sizes.

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