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30PH/PHP Ductable Air-Cooled Scroll Chillers & Heat Pumps

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Nominal capacity heating 21 – 43 kW / cooling 17 – 36 kW

  • Reversible heat pumps are compact outdoor air/water units.
  • Available in two versions: STD (Standard) and HEE (High Energy Efficiency).
  • These units have been made for operation indoors in the production of cold water, applicable to cooling and industry.
  • They are equipped with centrifugal fan (STD version) or electronic plug-fan (HEE version), plate exchanger, hermetic scroll compressor, and electronic control with microprocessor, components optimised for the R-410A refrigerant.
  • This range is also offered with an integrated circulation pump: 30 PHC.
  • The entire range also has the option to include a desuperheater circuit that allows for the production of hot water at a temperature greater than in the condensation circuits.
  • All units are charged with refrigerant and are tested at the factory, verifying the correct operation of all their components.

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