Business Solutions

Nominal heating capacity 29 -117 kW

Nominal heating capacity 317 -1989 kWNominal cooling capacity 273 to 1756 kW

Low height profile with high energy efficient and extremely low noise

Nominal capacity heating 648 - 1932 kW /  cooling 587 - 1741 kW

Nominal heating capacity 320 to 1285kW (30XWHP-ZE) and 520 to 1570 kW (30XWHV-ZE)

Nominal heating capacity 400 to 2000 kW

Ideal for compact installations

Flexible design that responds to a wide range of applications

The highest energy efficiency in the category, in cooling and heating.

Full range of control systems

The new generation in water terminals

A single split system for small and medium business. Features fresh air intake and reserved dry contact ports.

Energy Label Cooling
Energy Label (Heating/warmer)
Cooling Capacity
3,52 kW